01-01-04-Leading University Education Policy in China

Leading University Education Policy in China

Daniel Hak-Loong Lam


Outcomes-based teaching and learning and criterion-referenced assessment have been implemented in many universities in Hong Kong. Recently these were adopted by a university in China. This paper is based on a qualitative research to explore if the policy implementation is producing the desirable results for the students and the lecturer, and to assess the learning outcomes with respect to Bloom’s Taxonomy. The exploratory results indicate that the policy implementation generated positive impact to students’ learning outcomes.

Keywords: Bloom’s Taxonomy, criterion-referenced assessment, education policy, learning outcomes, outcomes-based teaching and learning.

Suggested APA citation:

Lam, D. H. L. (2016). Leading university education policy in China. International Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Journal, 1(1), 32-37.