PsyRes: Developing a Concept of the Psychologically Resilient Leader

Richard Martin


The concept of leader’s psychological resilience (PsyRes) is offered as a key in filling the need in today’s highly complex and fast-paced world to be able to handle problems, ambiguity, change, and a host of other demands while still maintaining a focus on the people in the organization that work to make the things happen each and every day to keep the organization viable. Resiliency dictates whether a disruptive life event will result in a digression of that person’s life or transform it in a positive manner. The author posits that, based on the concepts of resiliency in the literature, PsyRes consists of three major components: emotional intelligence, authenticity, and meaning in life.

Keywords: resiliency, organizational development, human resource development

Suggested APA citation:

Martin, R. (2017). PsyRes: Developing a concept of the psychologically resilient leader. International Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Journal, 2(1), 1-9.