American and Macau Student Perceptions Towards Working in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Carolin Lusby


This study examined the attitudes and perceptions of Chinese students studying in Macau and American students studying at a major public university in the USA. Through one-way analyses of variance, the two groups were compared regarding their perceptions and attitudes towards the tourism industry.  The scale was adopted from previous studies and had been tested for reliability and validity.  The survey was uploaded to an online survey site and the link emailed to students at the two universities.  Results showed major significant differences between the two groups. American students in general proved to have more positive feelings towards a career in tourism, opportunities for promotions and pay.  The findings of this study seem to suggest that students in Macau should be better counseled about career options in the industry. Furthermore, on a managerial and policy level more efforts should be made for more stability in the industry with adequate working hours, pay and benefits.

Keywords: hospitality students; perceptions and attitudes; career; nationality

Suggested APA citation:

Lusby, C. (2017). American and Macau student perceptions towards working in the tourism and hospitality industry. International Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Journal, 2(1), 54-64.