Chinese Dream and Middle Way Limits

Boyan Ivantchev

Until 1978 China had a class struggling model of development. After years of bad experience, it was only natural to leave that model and to focus on the economical development of the country The Ruling party of China decided to take The Middle Way of economical development, combining the leading role of the communist party and capitalistic market economy. Chinese people were used to The Middle Way because of ancient history, local psychology and the prevailing mixture of Daoist and Confucian philosophy. The philosophical and psychological tendency of Chinese people to tend to find a Middle Way and reasoning, is very much different than the western thinking, which is based on finding always right way and contradiction. In this paper, we will discuss foundations and limitations of the Chinese Middle Way Model and whether it is really the most natural way for China. Also, we are trying to foresee the future development of the Chinese model and the limitations of the Middle Way Reasoning and its implications to the growth and exponentiality of the 21st century.

Keywords: middle way limits, two in two model, Chinese future

Suggested APA citation:

Ivantchev, B. (2017). Chinese dream and middle way limits. International Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Journal, 2(2), 96-105.